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Amber glass bottle with spray nozzle labeled as "Slow Down & Relax Spray by All Good Bags" for relaxation and slowing down, against a neutral background.
Lavender Bath Salts
bath bomb gift packsThree Floral Selection Bath Bombs by Botanical Skin Care from New Zealand, decorated with dried flowers on a pale pink background.
Shower SteamersTwo neatly packaged Real World shower steamers in a black box with an elegant design, emphasizing minimalistic beauty and self-care, offering a sensory experience with the aroma of Koromiko & Lemongrass.
Shower Steamers by Real World Sale priceFrom $19.00
A jar of luxurious organic Milk Bath Soak - Coconut & Aloe by Woodsy Botanics against a neutral background.
Clear glass jar of Bath Salts - Rose & Ylang Ylang labeled "Woodsy Botanics" with organic essential oils in a simple, elegant design.
An elegant Bath Lovers gift set containing two jars of woodsy botanics bath salts, with "Recover Salts" and "Restore Soak" blends, presented in a tidy box with a descriptive insert by Woodsy Botanics.A jar of Woodsy Botanics' Bath Lovers Gift Set labeled "restore" alongside its open lid, revealing the green crystals inside, on a clean white background.
A jar of "Sleep Well Temple Balm" by Light + Vessel, 15 grams, with minimalist labeling, containing lavender essential oil and likely a product made in Whanganui, New Zealand.
A Mint, Manuka & Chamomile Bath Bomb by Botanical Skin Care and its packaging on a clean, white background.A fresh, natural fizzing Mint, Manuka & Chamomile Bath Bomb with dried flower petals on a light background by Botanical Skin Care.
An unwrapped Midnight Garden Bath Bomb by Botanical with herbal topping beside its stylish packaging on a neutral background.A single Midnight Garden Bath Bomb by Botanical Skin Care with dried petals on a white background.
A Botanical Man Bath Bomb by Botanical Skin Care accompanied by its packaging that reads "botanical man - fragrant coconut & vanilla bath bomb" on a clean white background.