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back soonA gift box of assorted gourmet chocolates featuring the 12 Piece Chocolate Box by Chocolate Traders with various fillings and decorative designs, presented against a clean, neutral background.
A 24 Piece Chocolate Gift Box by Chocolate Traders in various shapes and designs, including hearts and swirls, displayed neatly against a light background.
A gift box of 4 Piece Chocolate Box by Chocolate Traders, featuring artisan truffles with elegant leaf and peppermint designs, presented in a luxurious dark package.
A selection of Chocolate Traders' 6 Piece Chocolate Box, featuring gourmet New Zealand chocolates in a sleek black box, intricate designs, and a colorful heart-shaped piece, eloquently presented against a clean, white background.
back soonA 9 Piece Chocolate Gift Box by Chocolate Traders with various shapes and designs including hearts and flowers, displayed against a light grey background.
ABC Flash Cards featuring Glenn Jones Accessories with adorable Kiwi character illustrations, showcasing letters a to f with corresponding words: apple, boots, carrot, dinosaur, egg, and fish.A colorful ABC Flash Cards set featuring letters A to Z with corresponding words and playful illustrations for each, including a Kiwi character, designed to aid in teaching children the alphabet and word associations by Glenn Jones Accessories.
ABC Flash Cards Sale price$19.00
african autumn tea sachet by harney & sonsA close-up view of African Autumn Tea Tagalong by Harney & Sons in a white cup surrounded by loose dried tea leaves and bits of herbs against a white background.
A serene Akaroa by Glenn Jones landscape painting framed elegantly on a clean white wall, adding a touch of tranquil nature to a modern and cozy living space.Serene Akaroa by Glenn Jones landscape - an idyllic and colorful portrayal of a tranquil river meandering through a green valley, with lush hills under a soft blue sky with floating white clouds.
Akaroa by Glenn Jones Sale price$49.00
A clear glass jar containing Almond Dark Chocolate Toffee by The Confectionist, labeled "the confectionist - handmade temptations", sealed with a silver lid and decorated with a brown ribbon.
A black scented Amipere & Moss Bark candle by Real World next to its minimalist packaging with the label "real world, restore candle, amber & moss bark," a sustainable choice.A handcrafted Amipere & Moss Bark Candle by Real World in a minimalist design against a white background.
A sleek black bottle with white text labeled "Amipere & Moss Bark Room Spray" fragrance, a Product of New Zealand, against a plain white background by Real World.
A vibrant bouquet of yellow and pink seasonal blooms with a prominent orchid, elegantly wrapped and adorned with a pink ribbon and a gift tag, set against a pink background. The Annie bouquet from Poppy in April.
Annie Sale price$165.00
A bottle of Apricot Sauce by Kitchen Window made with Central Otago apricots from Kitchen Window brand against a clean, white background.
A Arched Brick Doormat by PottedNZ with a rubber backing and a printed arch design on a white background.
A Aroha Card, product of New Zealand, with the word "aroha" (which means "love" in Māori) written on it, featuring small green decorative elements that resemble plant.
Aroha Card Sale price$8.50
Folded blue fabric with white ‘a’ print and a tag indicating it is a 100% cotton, screenprinted Aroha Tea Towel from Tuesday Print in New Zealand.A white flag with a large turquoise heart and the word "aroha" screenprinted across it, displayed in a garden setting - Aroha Tea Towel by Tuesday Print.
Aroha Tea Towel Sale price$23.00
A sleek bottle of Ecology & Co Asian Spice zero alcohol gin, featuring natural, tropical New Zealand ingredients with a hint of cardamom on a clean white background.
online onlySave 56%Bach Rules Sign
Bach Rules Outdoor Sign Sale price$20.00 Regular price$45.00
Save 48%Bamboo & White Lily Aroma Stone by Downlights
Bamboo & White Lily Aroma Stone by Downlights Sale price$13.00 Regular price$25.00
Elegant Bamboo & White Lily Diffuser by Downlights, packaged in a minimalist white box with a luxury label, perfect for adding a subtle and sophisticated aroma to any room.
back soonBarbie Pink Dried Flowers & TreatsBarbie Pink Dried Flowers & Treats
An elegant Bath Lovers gift set containing two jars of woodsy botanics bath salts, with "Recover Salts" and "Restore Soak" blends, presented in a tidy box with a descriptive insert by Woodsy Botanics.A jar of Woodsy Botanics' Bath Lovers Gift Set labeled "restore" alongside its open lid, revealing the green crystals inside, on a clean white background.
Clear glass jar of Bath Salts - Rose & Ylang Ylang labeled "Woodsy Botanics" with organic essential oils in a simple, elegant design.
A multibuy icandy Batman Dream Big Card featuring a stylized illustration of Batman with the encouraging phrase "dream big" written below it.
Batman Dream Big Card Sale price$8.50
An elegant The Teddy Factory Bear Black Bow Tie accessory isolated on a white background.
Bear Black Bow Tie Sale price$6.00
A pair of well-worn, tiny toddler Bear Brown Lace Up Boots from The Teddy Factory, with laces, standing on a white background, evoking a sense of nostalgia and the rapid pace of childhood growth.
Bear Brown Lace Up Boots Sale price$9.50
A neatly displayed set of teal baby clothes, including a shirt, shorts, and a pair of booties on a white background, perfect for imaginative play with their favorite teddy bear in The Teddy Factory's Bear Doctor Outfit.
Bear Doctor Outfit Sale price$24.00
A glass jar filled with Bear Hugs Lollies by Sweet Disorder, sealed with a cork. It has a purple label that reads "super strength hugs" and encourages a dose of hugs for sweetness and strength.A clear glass jar labeled "Bear Hugs Lollies" by Sweet Disorder filled with colorful gummy bears, with more gummies scattered around the jar on a white background.
A Bear NZ Passport from The Teddy Factory adorned with travel stamps resting on a plain surface.
Bear NZ Passport Sale price$10.00
A plush teddy bear dressed in The Teddy Factory's Bear PJ's Outfit with a cute patch on it, sitting isolated on a white background.Baby's Bear PJ's Outfit by The Teddy Factory, featuring a white and checkered design with a teddy bear patch on a white background, perfect for the bedtime routine.
Bear PJ's Outfit Sale price$24.00
A pair of Bear Red Boots from The Teddy Factory, featuring a zip-up design and a bow at the back, presented against a clean white background.
Bear Red Boots Sale price$9.50
An elegant Bear Wedding Groom Outfit dressed in a 4 piece suit with a bow tie, ready for a formal event by The Teddy Factory.Formal pint-sized pinstripe Bear Wedding Groom Outfit with bow tie for toddlers, ready for a dapper occasion from The Teddy Factory.
Bear Wedding Groom Outfit Sale price$24.00
Amber glass bottle of Beard Wash by Bloke & Co with a pump dispenser, isolated on a white background.
Beard Wash by Bloke & Co Sale price$40.00
A Bee Thank You Card featuring a whimsical illustration of a bee with a heart-shaped flight trail on a plain background, accompanied by a kraft paper envelope, made by Ink Bomb.
Bee Thank You Card Sale price$8.50
A package of Gourmate Pet Treat Co. Beef Liver Treats displayed in front of a white background, with several treats placed outside the package.
A cozy living room setup with a modern gray sofa, Beer is Cold by Glenn Jones, decorated with matching pillows, a round marble-top coffee table with a candle and a tumbler on it, set on a textured gray rug.A bold, graphic sign with a retro vibe from Glenn Jones displaying the statement "yes the beer is cold" in black and red lettering on a gray background, suggesting the assurance of chilled beverages for Beer is Cold by Glenn Jones.
A sleek bottle of Harlow Harry dog perfume labeled "Bellevue 162" against a clean, light background.Award-winning dog perfume: Harlow Harry Bellevue 162 pet parfum - a luxurious blend of woody, vanilla, and smoky scents with a unisex scent.
back soonOrange and lightweight mesh material Benji Bandanas by Wolves of Wellington with the word "wolves" on a label, displayed on a plain background.A joyful dog with perky ears and a Benji Bandana by Wolves of Wellington made from lightweight mesh material around its neck, looking directly at the camera with a happy expression.
back soonA red and gray canine collar with a camouflage pattern, featuring a breakaway buckle, a metal d-ring, and a patch that reads "wolves" called the Benji Cat Collar by Wolves of Wellington.
back soonA portable, checkered orange and white patterned Benji Poop Pouch by Wolves of Wellington with a black carabiner clip and a logo stating "voices of wellington" against a beige background.
A single Berry Milk Chocolate bar wrapper with elegant text overlay, accompanied by a gold embossed seal on a clean, white background by Shirl & Moss.A luxurious Berry Milk Chocolate bar made from Tanzanian cacao, topped with a generous sprinkle of crushed New Zealand strawberries on a clean white background by Shirl & Moss.
A "Big Love from Little NZ Card" product of Tuesday Print, featuring a large green heart with the text "big love from little nz," incorporating a silhouette of New Zealand at the bottom of the heart, symbolizing affectionate
A neatly wrapped gift in green fabric with white lettering, tied with a rustic string and a handwritten gift tag, encasing a Tuesday Print Big Love from little NZ Tea Towel.A vibrant, 100% cotton Big Love from little NZ Tea Towel by Tuesday Print with a large green heart and the message "big love from little nz" screenprinted on it, hanging on a clothesline, symbolizing warmth and affection.
Save 50%black cask bourbon tea by harney & sonsA white bowl filled with Black Cask Bourbon Tea by Harney & Sons, resting atop a bed of loose leaf tea, viewed from above.
Black Cask Bourbon Tea by Harney & Sons Sale price$11.00 Regular price$22.00
back soonBlack Poop Pouch by Wolves of Wellington with carabiner, designed to attach to your dog's lead, and logo of "Wellington Voyagers.
Save 44%Zee.Dog dog poop pouch
Black Poop Pouch by Zee.Dog Sale price$9.50 Regular price$17.00
A Black Treat Pouch by Wolves of Wellington with the word "wolves" on a white label, useful for positive reinforcement training.A Black Treat Pouch by Wolves of Wellington with a textured surface and a velcro flap closure on a white background, ideal for positive reinforcement training.
A festive Block Birthday Card from Tuesday Print with the phrase "happy birthday" repeatedly written in a playful and colorful font on a white background. This product of New Zealand is perfect for sending warm wishes.
Block Birthday Card Sale price$8.50
A jar of Forage + Bloom ruby red, tangy, and refreshing hibiscus flowers tea with antioxidant properties alongside a spoonful of the vibrant red herbal blend spilling onto a white surface.A pile of loose-leaf Bloom Tea by Forage + Bloom with dried rose petals, various herbs, and antioxidant-rich hibiscus tea on a light background.
Save 50%A cleansing bar of Blossom & Gilt Mini Bar by Ashley & Co hand and body soap alongside its stylish pink packaging, highlighting a blend of goats milk and Manuka honey with fragrant botanical notes.
Blossom & Gilt Mini Bar by Ashley & Co Sale price$5.00 Regular price$10.00