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Louise Keen

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Mountain High abstract collage artwork by Louise Keen, a New Zealand artist, features vibrant colors and mixed materials, creating a dynamic and textured composition.
Mountain High Sale price$100.00
An artistic representation of a cross with intricate patterns and a flower at the center, set against a dark background with abstract golden lines. This original artwork is rendered as Recycle, a pen and ink drawing inspired by Louise Keen.
Recycle Sale price$100.00
Abstract geometric composition with interlacing lines and patterns against a dark background, featuring a central column adorned with intricate designs and a teardrop shape with text at the bottom, created by Louise Keen's Everydrop Counts.
Everydrop Counts Sale price$100.00
A vibrant and colorful mixed media collage featuring abstract floral shapes, various patterns, and dynamic forms, all creatively assembled on a blue textured background made of handmade paper, complete with a title and artist's signature by Louise Keen's Garden of Chocolate.
Garden of Chocolate Sale price$100.00
A colorful mixed media textile artwork featuring various patterns and textures with stitched lines, using reclaimed materials, and a three-dimensional flower accent on the surface by Louise Keen's Still Life Arrangements #4.
A vibrant and textured mixed media collage combining various fabric patterns, plant elements, and a small floral print perfume bottle on Hahnemühle fine art paper, creating a unique and eclectic Still Life Arrangements #9 by Louise Keen.
A vibrant and textured collage artwork crafted from reclaimed materials, depicting abstract Still Life Arrangements #1 with a mix of patterns and colors by Louise Keen.
A vibrant mixed-media artwork crafted from reclaimed materials, featuring an array of patterns and textures, with a central patchwork composition and intricate stitching, dated 2023 by an artist named Louise Keen.
An abstract mixed media artwork featuring a vase-like silhouette at the center, adorned with a textured, patterned surface on Hahnemühle fine art paper, surrounded by a vibrant collage of colors and Louise Keen's Still Life Arrangements #16.