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lavender honeyA jar of lavender honey by Bees Up Top is held amidst blooming lavender plants in Riverhead, Auckland, showcasing the source of its raw natural flavor.
NZ Natural Honey
A package of raw, hand-cut Honeycomb by Honey by the Sea from New Zealand honey, with the product neatly presented in a clear box, showcasing the natural texture of the honeycomb against a neutral background.
raw honey nzA jar of Ponsonby Rescue Honey by Bees Up Top with a wooden honey dipper on a white background.
A Honey Vial 38ml by Bees Up Top filled with golden, raw natural honey and the message "product of New Zealand - made with love by rescue bees –" printed on it, againstA charming arrangement: Honey Vial 38ml lip glosses, reminiscent of raw natural honey and proudly a Product of New Zealand, fashionably showcased in a clear glass jar, with a soft-focus bouquet of pink by Bees Up Top.