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A charming illustration on an icandy Lucky Us Card depicting two happy characters sharing a meal under a pendant lamp with the phrase "lucky us!" at the bottom, laid atop another card on a light background.
Lucky Us Card Sale price$8.50
A Found Love Card, Product of New Zealand by Tuesday Print, with a heart-shaped maze design, where "you" and "me" lead to the word "love" at the center, symbolizing a journey to
Found Love Card Sale price$8.50
A Pink Hearts Card with a qr code made of pink hearts on a plain white background by Tuesday Print.
Pink Hearts Card Sale price$8.50
A beautifully illustrated multibuy It was written in the Stars Card with an enchanting nighttime scene, showcasing two characters under a starry sky, accompanied by the romantic phrase 'it was written in the stars...'. Brand: icandy.
A charming Moon Love Card by icandy, with the phrase "i love you to the moon... and back" accompanied by an illustration of a whimsical figure holding a heart-shaped balloon.
Moon Love Card Sale price$8.50
A charming greeting card, a proud Product of New Zealand, features the punny phrase "i want to have plants with you" surrounded by watercolor illustrations of various potted plants, presented with an I want to have Plants With You Card by Ink Bomb.
A "Big Love from Little NZ Card" product of Tuesday Print, featuring a large green heart with the text "big love from little nz," incorporating a silhouette of New Zealand at the bottom of the heart, symbolizing affectionate
A minimalist icandy Love Card with a simple design featuring the word "love" in lowercase letters, flanked by two small heart-shaped elements on a white background, product of New Zealand.
Love Card Sale price$8.50
A cheerful Rainbow Hearts Card by Tuesday Print featuring rows of colorful hearts in a rainbow spectrum with the words "much love" at the bottom, accompanied by a white envelope against a clean, white background. This delightful multib
Rainbow Hearts Card Sale price$8.50
A delicate and artistic Ink Bomb Love You Card, part of a multibuy collection, with the phrase "love you" surrounded by various whimsical symbols and shapes, presented on a cream background with a natural textured.
Love You Card Sale price$8.50
A You Are Bee-utiful Card from Sweet Pea Creations, boasting a hand made print with the pun "you are bee-utiful," stands next to a potted green succulent, accompanied by small bee figurines arranged playfully.
You Are Bee-utiful Card Sale price$8.50