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A variety of gourmet Smallbatch Peanut Butter Gift Boxes from New Zealand in front of their brown packaging box, showcasing different textures like smooth, crunchy, and super butter.
How to beat your dad at chess
A 24 Piece Chocolate Gift Box by Chocolate Traders in various shapes and designs, including hearts and swirls, displayed neatly against a light background.
A jar of Smallbatch Chocolate Almond Butter, featuring the label "dairy free & gluten free" and "200g of nutty goodness.
A whimsical Tui Birthday Card by Tuesday Print featuring a cartoon bird wearing a party hat and holding a yellow balloon, alongside the cheerful message: "happy birthday to you." Product of New Zealand.
Tui Birthday Card Sale price$8.50
A glass jar filled with Mixed Nuts - A Bit Posh by Smallbatch, labeled "smallbatch occasionally nuts a bit posh," on a plain white background.
A glass jar filled with layers of Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Toffee by The Confectionist, labeled "the confection," tied with a brown ribbon.A glass jar labeled "Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Toffee" by The Confectionist filled with chocolate pieces, topped with two chocolate hazelnut bars sprinkled with sea salt, against a white background.
A whimsical Short Tail Jelly Tip Journal cover featuring an illustration of a bird with the body of a chocolate ice cream bar on a stick, humorously named "New Zealand short-tailed jelly tip," by Glenn Jones Accessories.
A colorful chocolate bar wrapper with vibrant illustrations of cacti and a unique mix of flavors: Pedro Picante Peanut Brittle, hazelnut brittle & chipotle chilli brittle. The brand is "Baron Hasselhoff's".
back soonA jar of Chocolate Peanut Butter by Smallbatch churned with rich chocolate and high-oleic peanuts against a neutral background.
A square snack package featuring a whimsical sea-themed illustration. It's labeled "Salted Caramel Mallow Puffs by Baron Hasselhoff's," with indications of being gluten free and flavored with salted caramel.A cross section of Baron Hasselhoff's Salted Caramel Mallow Puffs, a gluten-free, chocolate-covered dessert with a layered filling, showing a gooey caramel center and soft, crumbly cookie-like layers on a plain white background.
A 9 Piece Chocolate Gift Box by Chocolate Traders with various shapes and designs including hearts and flowers, displayed against a light grey background.
Honey Peanut Butter
back soonAn elegant Persian Rose diffuser by Downlights with a brandied sweet fragrance, displayed next to its packaging.
A jar of Smallbatch Nut Butter - Super Butter placed against a white background, highlighting its natural ingredients like high-oleic peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, chia.
A jar filled with colorful assorted You Rock Mixed Lollies by Sweet Disorder pieces labeled "bottle of mirth sweet disorder - you rock - a dozen fistful of sugary goodness - to someone who is totally awesome &A jar of You Rock Mixed Lollies by Sweet Disorder with the phrase "you rock" surrounded by colorful assorted New Zealand rock candy scattered around it.
back soonlime milk chocolate bar
A sleek bottle of Shampoo by Two Dudes hair growth strengthening shampoo with keratin and wheat protein against a neutral background.A person holding a black bottle of Two Dudes hair growth shampoo above their foamy, soaped hands, with a tiled surface in the background.
Shampoo by Two Dudes Sale price$19.00
Four colorful Lip Balm by Light + Vessel containers in a row, each featuring a different organic flavour oil: cherry, mint, satsuma, and vanilla.
A jar of Chocolate Hazelnut Butter by Smallbatch, made in Mount Maunganui, highlighting its artisanal quality with a tagline "serious flavor," and indicating that it's dairy-free and gluten.
A glass jar filled with Bear Hugs Lollies by Sweet Disorder, sealed with a cork. It has a purple label that reads "super strength hugs" and encourages a dose of hugs for sweetness and strength.A clear glass jar labeled "Bear Hugs Lollies" by Sweet Disorder filled with colorful gummy bears, with more gummies scattered around the jar on a white background.
A bar of Raspberry Chocolate bar with 60% cocoa, handcrafted and fair trade, product of New Zealand, weighing 45 grams, wrapped in a packaging with a pink and heart design by Chocolate Traders.
A handcrafted Sage + Salt Candle by Light + Vessel in a sage green yunomi cup, displayed on a white box labeled "sage + salt yunomi" with description texts, against a plain white background.
A can of "Dog Beer" by Wigram Brewing Co, featuring images of dogs on the label, marketed as a dog bone broth beverage for canine consumption, product of New Zealand.
An assortment of Ceramic Keep Cups by Sam Mayell in various colors, some with lids, arranged casually on a pale surface.A handcrafted Ceramic Keep Cup by Sam Mayell with a lavender and white gradient design and a pink silicone lid, against a plain white background.
Amber glass bottle with spray nozzle labeled as "Slow Down & Relax Spray by All Good Bags" for relaxation and slowing down, against a neutral background.
A clear glass jar containing Almond Dark Chocolate Toffee by The Confectionist, labeled "the confectionist - handmade temptations", sealed with a silver lid and decorated with a brown ribbon.
A charming illustration on an icandy Lucky Us Card depicting two happy characters sharing a meal under a pendant lamp with the phrase "lucky us!" at the bottom, laid atop another card on a light background.
Lucky Us Card Sale price$8.50
back soonA 45g multibuy Flat White Chocolate bar by Chocolate Traders with 30% cocoa, elegantly wrapped in paper with a floral design, handcrafted in New Zealand.
A hand-crafted ceramic Japanese tea cup Yuzu Candle by Light + Vessel soy candle, embodying minimalistic elegance.
A clear bottle of Body Oil - Rose & Bergamot by Woodsy Botanics, with visible organic rose petals and leaves suspended in the oil, against a plain white background.
A sleek black tube of "Daily Face Wash by Two Dudes, suitable for all skin types" against a clean, light background.A person wearing a gray t-shirt holds a green tube of Two Dudes Daily Face Wash, squeezing a small amount onto their fingertip.
A minimalistic design featuring two white sheets of paper, the top one with a single red matchstick printed in the center and the phrase 'a perfect' printed above it. This Perfect Match Card is a icandy.
Perfect Match Card Sale price$8.50
Floral Mandala Card with butterfly silhouette on a textured paper, accompanied by a kraft envelope on a plain background. Product of New Zealand. Made by Ink Bomb.
Floral Mandala Card Sale price$8.50
A cylindrical container of Deluxe Hot Chocolate 250g by West Coast Cocoa with ornate chocolate-brown patterns on the label.
A cylindrical container of West Coast Cocoa Deluxe Dark Hot Chocolate 250g, with elegant packaging design, emphasizing its premium quality cocoa blend sourced from West Africa.
A Caramel White Chocolate bar by Chocolate Traders with a 30% cocoa content, elegantly wrapped and weighing 45 grams. Product of New Zealand.
A cylindrical tin labeled "Pussy Pills Cat Treats by Sweet Disorder" containing "a sprinkle of happiness, love, and feline arrogance" designed as a whimsical gift product for cat owners.A cylindrical container labeled "Pussy Pills Cat Treats" by Sweet Disorder surrounded by scattered cat treats, against a plain white background.
A gift wrapped in heart-patterned paper tied with a white ribbon, accompanied by a handwritten note on a Much Love Tea Towel from Tuesday Print that says, "thank you. Steaks tastedA Much Love Tea Towel adorned with multiple red hearts in a grid pattern and the words "much love" at the bottom, hanging on a clothesline outdoors by Tuesday Print.
Much Love Tea Towel Sale price$23.00
A Aroha Card, product of New Zealand, with the word "aroha" (which means "love" in Māori) written on it, featuring small green decorative elements that resemble plant.
Aroha Card Sale price$8.50
back soonA white ceramic yunomi-style cup placed on top of its packaging box, which is labeled as a "White Tea Candle" by "Light + Vessel" with the
A ceramic Peony Candle by Light + Vessel with a wick, displayed on its packaging labeled "Peony Candle by Light + Vessel, handcrafted, coconut soy candle with natural fragrance oils, light + vessel".
A jar of "Sleep Well Bath" bath salts with essential oils of lavender and magnesium pink mountain salts, designed for relaxation and sleep enhancement, produced by Light + Vessel from Whanganui, New Zealand.
A glass jar filled with Mixed Nuts - Just add Beer by Smallbatch, labeled "Smallbatch - occasionally nuts, just add beer," against a plain white background.
A jar of Woodsy Botanics Body Scrub - Coffee & Bergamot against a plain white background, highlighting its label and contents visibly through the clear section.
Save 50%Glenn Jones pavlova pirate tea towel
Pavlova Pirate Tea Towel Sale price$11.00 Regular price$22.00
Save 38%judean desert mini terrarium candle by faith & joyA person holding a small, transparent spherical container displaying a collection of delicate, lifelike succulents and flowers, including the Judean Desert Mini Terrarium Candle by Faith & Joy, against a backdrop of lush green plants.
Judean Desert Mini Terrarium Candle by Faith & Joy Sale price$15.00 Regular price$24.00
Elegant tea tasting set from Tea Testing Box Set by Forage + Bloom with organic herbal tea blends, accompanied by tasteful packaging and delicate flowers.An assortment of elegantly packaged organic herbal tea blends, accompanied by the Tea Testing Box Set by Forage + Bloom and fresh flowers, thoughtfully presented in a gift box for a soothing and sophisticated tea experience.
A Dark Orange Chocolate bar by Chocolate Traders from New Zealand, featuring a stylish floral design on the packaging, indicating a 60% cocoa content and highlighting it is handcrafted and natural.
back soonA package of Macadamia & Cranberry Nougat by Blissway Orchard, featuring handmade nougat with New Zealand macadamias & cranberry, 65g.