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An assortment of Ceramic Keep Cups by Sam Mayell in various colors, some with lids, arranged casually on a pale surface.A handcrafted Ceramic Keep Cup by Sam Mayell with a lavender and white gradient design and a pink silicone lid, against a plain white background.
A neatly folded Much Love Printed Tea Towel by Tuesday Print with a white background and red heart pattern, tied with a white ribbon. Attached is a small tag that reads "Much love, tea towel screen printed in New Zealand" in handwritten text.A **Much Love Printed Tea Towel** by **Tuesday Print** is pinned to a clothesline with clothespins, displaying a pattern of small red hearts arranged in rows. At the bottom, the text "much love" is printed in red. The background is blurred with some greenery visible, reminiscent of New Zealand's serene landscapes.
clearanceSave 50%Glenn Jones pavlova pirate tea towel
Pavlova Pirate Tea Towel Sale price$11.00 Regular price$22.00
Marino Wool SocksA moment of relaxation: a person unwinding in a cozy room with a drink in hand, bathed in warm sunlight, and clad in sustainably produced Marino Wool Socks from Pretty Fly.
Folded blue fabric with white ‘a’ print and a tag indicating it is a 100% cotton, screenprinted Aroha Tea Towel from Tuesday Print in New Zealand.A white flag with a large turquoise heart and the word "aroha" screenprinted across it, displayed in a garden setting - Aroha Tea Towel by Tuesday Print.
Aroha Tea Towel Sale price$23.00
Save 50%A Cuppacoffeecup New Zealand Coffee Mug with a unique blue, ocean-themed design featuring vibrant fish assembled from various colorful shapes, and delicate white feathers hovering against the rippling water pattern.
New Zealand Coffee Mug Sale price$9.00 Regular price$18.00
A vibrant Scandi Tui Cushion Cover crafted from canvas, featuring an abstract symmetrical pattern with two stylized NZ bird tui figures in black, white, and red against a pink background, highlighting its origin as a New Design by Leonard.
A National Parks stainless steel water bottle adorned with a variety of colorful sticker designs featuring New Zealand Parks and Glenn Jones Art against a neutral background by Glenn Jones Accessories.
Save 50%Jelly Beans Coffee Mug
Jelly Beans Coffee Mug Sale price$9.00 Regular price$18.00
Save 50%on the fly new zealand fishing flies coffee mug keep cup
On the Fly Coffee Mug Sale price$9.00 Regular price$18.00
Save 50%scandi pohutukawa socks
Scandi Pohutukawa Socks Sale price$7.50 Regular price$15.00
Save 50%pacman bamboo socks
PACMAN bamboo socks Sale price$7.50 Regular price$15.00
A neatly wrapped gift in green fabric with white lettering, tied with a rustic string and a handwritten gift tag, encasing a Tuesday Print Big Love from little NZ Tea Towel.A vibrant, 100% cotton Big Love from little NZ Tea Towel by Tuesday Print with a large green heart and the message "big love from little nz" screenprinted on it, hanging on a clothesline, symbolizing warmth and affection.
A vibrant red Pohutukawa Cushion Cover by Design by Leonard featuring a stylized illustration of a pohutukawa flower in a pop-art design, set against a dotted background, with playful tassel accents on the corners.
A colorful insulated Jet Planes stainless steel water bottle with a blue background and playful fish design on a white surface by Glenn Jones Accessories.
A Arched Brick Doormat by PottedNZ with a rubber backing and a printed arch design on a white background.
A rectangular brown coir doormat with the word "WELCOME" written in capital letters. Each letter is colored differently: W in white, E in yellow, L in pink, C in green, O in blue, M in purple, and E in orange. Featuring a durable rubber backing, this Welcome Doormat NZ by PottedNZ piece rests on a light background.
outdoor mat nz
A folded Jute Mat Green Checker blanket by PottedNZ on a white background.
A whimsical set of Modern Natives Coaster Set by Glenn Jones art illustrations depicting birds with playful names based on drinking habits, each paired with a different beverage and beautifully showcased on hardboard coasters, a product of Glenn Jones Accessories.
Four Sweet As Coaster Sets by Glenn Jones inspired, colorful icons representing different ice cream treats or popsicles, with each icon having a unique style and flavor.