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Floral Mandala Card with butterfly silhouette on a textured paper, accompanied by a kraft envelope on a plain background. Product of New Zealand. Made by Ink Bomb.
Floral Mandala Card Sale price$8.50
A charming Happily Ever After card by Ink Bomb featuring an illustration of a vintage car adorned with a floral arrangement and "just married" sign, complemented by "mr. & mrs." balloons above, and a sweet message
Happily Ever After Card Sale price$8.50
A Waves Notebook featuring "The Great Wave off Kanagawa," the iconic woodblock print by Japanese artist Hokusai, depicting a powerful and frothy ocean wave cresting with Mount Fuji in the background. from Ink Bomb.
Waves Notebook Sale price$12.00
A charming greeting card, a proud Product of New Zealand, features the punny phrase "i want to have plants with you" surrounded by watercolor illustrations of various potted plants, presented with an I want to have Plants With You Card by Ink Bomb.
A Nga Mihi Card with watercolor hearts in shades of blue and green, featuring the words "nga mihi" on an off-white background, paired with a kraft paper envelope. This Product of Ink Bomb.
Nga Mihi Card Sale price$8.50
An elegant Jungle Notebook with a tropical jungle theme, featuring illustrations of an elephant, parrot, and monkey among lush greenery from Ink Bomb.
Jungle Notebook Sale price$12.00
A Bee Thank You Card featuring a whimsical illustration of a bee with a heart-shaped flight trail on a plain background, accompanied by a kraft paper envelope, made by Ink Bomb.
Bee Thank You Card Sale price$8.50
A delicate and artistic Ink Bomb Love You Card, part of a multibuy collection, with the phrase "love you" surrounded by various whimsical symbols and shapes, presented on a cream background with a natural textured.
Love You Card Sale price$8.50
A "Blue Skies Are Coming Card" with a hopeful message, featuring a pattern of blue raindrops and a single black umbrella, with the text "hang in there, blue skies are coming." This product of New Zealand is by Ink Bomb.
An uplifting You're So Golden Card with a radiant golden sunburst design and the positive affirmation "you're so golden" proudly displayed in the center. This Ink Bomb product of New Zealand is perfect for any occasion.
You're So Golden Card Sale price$8.50
A serene, unlined Leaf Notebook with a botanical design featuring cascading green leaves on a clean, white background by Ink Bomb.
Leaf Notebook Sale price$12.00