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Four colorful Lip Balm by Light + Vessel containers in a row, each featuring a different organic flavour oil: cherry, mint, satsuma, and vanilla.
A handcrafted Sage + Salt Candle by Light + Vessel in a sage green yunomi cup, displayed on a white box labeled "sage + salt yunomi" with description texts, against a plain white background.
A hand-crafted ceramic Japanese tea cup Yuzu Candle by Light + Vessel soy candle, embodying minimalistic elegance.
back soonA white ceramic yunomi-style cup placed on top of its packaging box, which is labeled as a "White Tea Candle" by "Light + Vessel" with the
A ceramic Peony Candle by Light + Vessel with a wick, displayed on its packaging labeled "Peony Candle by Light + Vessel, handcrafted, coconut soy candle with natural fragrance oils, light + vessel".
A jar of "Sleep Well Bath" bath salts with essential oils of lavender and magnesium pink mountain salts, designed for relaxation and sleep enhancement, produced by Light + Vessel from Whanganui, New Zealand.
A handcrafted ceramic cup labeled guava yunomi by Light + Vessel, presented on a clean white background, accompanied by a Guava Candle by Light + Vessel infused with natural fragrance oils.
Handcrafted ceramic yunomi teacup elegantly displayed on its packaging, boasting an earthy green glaze with a rustic aesthetic, now accompanied by a Pear Candle by Light + Vessel to enhance the ambiance.
Handcrafted Plum Candle by Light + Vessel soy candle with natural fragrance oils displayed on minimalist packaging with a descriptive label.
A jar of "Sleep Well Temple Balm" by Light + Vessel, 15 grams, with minimalist labeling, containing lavender essential oil and likely a product made in Whanganui, New Zealand.
A serene, handcrafted Water Lily Candle by Light + Vessel styled as a Japanese tea cup, with the delicate fragrance of water lily, presented on a minimalist white background.