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A curated Build Your Own Giftbox from giftbox co. filled with luxury items, including skincare products and gourmet food, beautifully arranged on a round concrete plate against a neutral background, accompanied by a personalised handwritten card.An elegant Build Your Own Giftbox from giftbox co. , with a sliding lid, adorned with a red ribbon, and containing protective straw filler, ready for a thoughtful present and a personalised gift.
Build Your Own Giftbox Sale price$25.00
A variety of gourmet Smallbatch Peanut Butter Gift Boxes from New Zealand in front of their brown packaging box, showcasing different textures like smooth, crunchy, and super butter.
A 24 Piece Chocolate Gift Box by Chocolate Traders in various shapes and designs, including hearts and swirls, displayed neatly against a light background.
A glass jar filled with Mixed Nuts - A Bit Posh by Smallbatch, labeled "smallbatch occasionally nuts a bit posh," on a plain white background.
A glass jar filled with layers of Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Toffee by The Confectionist, labeled "the confection," tied with a brown ribbon.A glass jar labeled "Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Toffee" by The Confectionist filled with chocolate pieces, topped with two chocolate hazelnut bars sprinkled with sea salt, against a white background.
A square snack package featuring a whimsical sea-themed illustration. It's labeled "Salted Caramel Mallow Puffs by Baron Hasselhoff's," with indications of being gluten free and flavored with salted caramel.A cross section of Baron Hasselhoff's Salted Caramel Mallow Puffs, a gluten-free, chocolate-covered dessert with a layered filling, showing a gooey caramel center and soft, crumbly cookie-like layers on a plain white background.
A jar filled with colorful assorted You Rock Mixed Lollies by Sweet Disorder pieces labeled "bottle of mirth sweet disorder - you rock - a dozen fistful of sugary goodness - to someone who is totally awesome &A jar of You Rock Mixed Lollies by Sweet Disorder with the phrase "you rock" surrounded by colorful assorted New Zealand rock candy scattered around it.
A handcrafted Sage + Salt Candle by Light + Vessel in a sage green yunomi cup, displayed on a white box labeled "sage + salt yunomi" with description texts, against a plain white background.
Four colorful Lip Balm by Light + Vessel containers in a row, each featuring a different organic flavour oil: cherry, mint, satsuma, and vanilla.
A glass jar filled with Bear Hugs Lollies by Sweet Disorder, sealed with a cork. It has a purple label that reads "super strength hugs" and encourages a dose of hugs for sweetness and strength.A clear glass jar labeled "Bear Hugs Lollies" by Sweet Disorder filled with colorful gummy bears, with more gummies scattered around the jar on a white background.
A clear glass jar containing Almond Dark Chocolate Toffee by The Confectionist, labeled "the confectionist - handmade temptations", sealed with a silver lid and decorated with a brown ribbon.
A clear bottle of Body Oil - Rose & Bergamot by Woodsy Botanics, with visible organic rose petals and leaves suspended in the oil, against a plain white background.
A gift wrapped in heart-patterned paper tied with a white ribbon, accompanied by a handwritten note on a Much Love Tea Towel from Tuesday Print that says, "thank you. Steaks tastedA Much Love Tea Towel adorned with multiple red hearts in a grid pattern and the words "much love" at the bottom, hanging on a clothesline outdoors by Tuesday Print.
Much Love Tea Towel Sale price$23.00
A cylindrical container of Deluxe Hot Chocolate 250g by West Coast Cocoa with ornate chocolate-brown patterns on the label.
A cylindrical container of West Coast Cocoa Deluxe Dark Hot Chocolate 250g, with elegant packaging design, emphasizing its premium quality cocoa blend sourced from West Africa.
Elegant tea tasting set from Tea Testing Box Set by Forage + Bloom with organic herbal tea blends, accompanied by tasteful packaging and delicate flowers.An assortment of elegantly packaged organic herbal tea blends, accompanied by the Tea Testing Box Set by Forage + Bloom and fresh flowers, thoughtfully presented in a gift box for a soothing and sophisticated tea experience.
back soonA package of Macadamia & Cranberry Nougat by Blissway Orchard, featuring handmade nougat with New Zealand macadamias & cranberry, 65g.
A whimsically designed can labeled "Thanks a Million Chocolates," marketed as a playful remedy with doses of gratitude, giggles, and chocolate coins by Sweet Disorder.A can labeled "Thanks a Million Chocolates by Sweet Disorder" surrounded by scattered gold-colored chocolate coins and a silver heart-shaped object, presented on a plain white background.
A Hedgehog Mother's Day Card from Sweet Pea Creations, decorated with an adorable illustration of a hedgehog surrounded by flowers, with the words "happy mother's day" written in a playful font.
A charming Floral Mother's Day Card from Sweet Pea Creations with a floral design and calligraphy standing upright on a white surface, flanked by delicate white flowers.
Floral Mother's Day Card Sale price$8.50
back soonA selection of Chocolate Traders' 6 Piece Chocolate Box, featuring gourmet New Zealand chocolates in a sleek black box, intricate designs, and a colorful heart-shaped piece, eloquently presented against a clean, white background.
A simple white icandy Happy Mother's Day Card with "happy mother's day" written in black ink on the front, positioned on a white background.
Happy Mother's Day Card Sale price$8.50
A colorful Swinging Sultan chocolate bar wrapper featuring the brand "Baron Hasselhoff's," with a flavor description of "rose raspberry pomegranate truffles," and an award seal indicating a silver prize from.
back soonA wrapped bar of Macadamia Nougat by Blissway Orchard on a plain background.
back soonA pack of Macadamia & Coffee Nougat by Blissway Orchard with a light background.
A cylindrical container of Peppermint Hot Chocolate 250g by West Coast Cocoa, featuring an intricate black and white label design and text that mentions its rich Dutched cocoa blend with a twist of peppermint, using.
A can labeled "Sweet Disorder Canned Hugs," designed to symbolize warmth, fuzziness, and containing New Zealand sour gummy hug shaped fruit rings, intended as a cute and light-hearted gift for those.A whimsical can labeled "Canned Hugs Lollies" accompanied by New Zealand sour gummy, suggesting comfort food for the days when you need a little extra warmth by Sweet Disorder.
Elegant Bamboo & White Lily Diffuser by Downlights, packaged in a minimalist white box with a luxury label, perfect for adding a subtle and sophisticated aroma to any room.
A Irreplaceable Mum Mother's Day Card from icandy on a plain background featuring an illustrated woman holding a sunflower and a handbag, with a text saying "to an amazing, funny, stylish, gorgeous, inspirational.
A Tuesday Print Retro Mum Mother's Day Card on a white background with a vibrant yellow floral design and the word "mum" in the center.
A glass jar filled with Ginger Dark Chocolate Toffee by The Confectionist, labeled "the confections - handmade temptations," sealed with a yellow band and a brown tag reading "chocfections.
A handcrafted ceramic cup labeled guava yunomi by Light + Vessel, presented on a clean white background, accompanied by a Guava Candle by Light + Vessel infused with natural fragrance oils.
An assortment of colorful, handmade macarons from Christchurch, New Zealand, neatly arranged in a Box of 12 Macarons by J'aime les Macarons with the lid partially open, showcasing a tempting variety of flavors.A minimalist and elegant handmade Box of 12 Macarons by J'aime les Macarons packaging design with watercolor accents on a marble background, crafted in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Save 47%gold kiwi fruit powder by vita kiwi
Gold Kiwifruit Drink by Vita Kiwi Sale price$10.00 Regular price$19.00
A vibrant Scandi Tui Cushion Cover crafted from canvas, featuring an abstract symmetrical pattern with two stylized NZ bird tui figures in black, white, and red against a pink background, highlighting its origin as a New Design by Leonard.
An elegant bottle of Shiraz Wine by Tread Softly with a cream label, sealed with foil and a wire cage against a pale pink background.
Two Make It Happen Magnetic Notepads with a blue cover featuring a cartoon rabbit and motivational text, next to a lined white notepad with the phrase "I have got this.
A Sweet Pea Creations Floral Mother's Day Card with a teal background and white flower design, overlaying text "Happy Mother's Day," placed on a white surface with an envelope underneath.
Floral Mother's Day Card Sale price$8.50
A jar of "Sleep Well Temple Balm" by Light + Vessel, 15 grams, with minimalist labeling, containing lavender essential oil and likely a product made in Whanganui, New Zealand.
A neatly arranged Ready, Set, Grow gift box from giftbox co. containing small bottles of essential oils, a soil conditioner, and a book titled "the little book of boba and plants" on a light background. Ideal for the plant parent.A serene home decor setting showcasing "Ready, Set, Grow" by giftbox co., perfectly placed on a wooden shelf surrounded by an assortment of potted houseplants with soil conditioner peeking out
Ready, Set, Grow Sale price$120.00
An unwrapped Midnight Garden Bath Bomb by Botanical with herbal topping beside its stylish packaging on a neutral background.A single Midnight Garden Bath Bomb by Botanical Skin Care with dried petals on a white background.
A sleek black bottle of Hand Wash - Harakeke & Blood Orange by Real World, featuring a pump dispenser against a clean, white background.
A hand presenting a Candle Making Kit by Wix's Lane Co. box with candle making instructions against a white background.A person holding an open box filled with an assortment of skincare products and a Candle Making Kit by Wix's Lane Co against a white background.
A single Berry Milk Chocolate bar wrapper with elegant text overlay, accompanied by a gold embossed seal on a clean, white background by Shirl & Moss.A luxurious Berry Milk Chocolate bar made from Tanzanian cacao, topped with a generous sprinkle of crushed New Zealand strawberries on a clean white background by Shirl & Moss.
An elegant Bath Lovers gift set containing two jars of woodsy botanics bath salts, with "Recover Salts" and "Restore Soak" blends, presented in a tidy box with a descriptive insert by Woodsy Botanics.A jar of Woodsy Botanics' Bath Lovers Gift Set labeled "restore" alongside its open lid, revealing the green crystals inside, on a clean white background.
back soonA vibrant bouquet of Doreen Bright & Vibrant flowers in shades of pink, yellow, and orange from our bespoke floral collection, elegantly wrapped in yellow paper against a soft pink background. Brand Name: Poppy in AprilA vibrant bouquet of Doreen Bright & Vibrant floral arrangements wrapped in orange and white paper against a pink background by Poppy in April.
Doreen Bright & Vibrant Sale priceFrom $94.00
back soonA vibrant bouquet of Frida + Sweet seasonal blooms paired with a box of delightful Poppy in April gluten-free cupcakes against a pink background, offering a feast for the senses.A bouquet of seasonal blooms wrapped in white paper set against a pink backdrop, accompanied by a Frida + Sweet gluten-free floral gift box of cupcakes with yellow frosting.
Frida + Sweet Sale priceFrom $99.00
A box of colorful, handmade macarons by J'aime les Macarons with a watercolor design and the phrase "j'aime les macarons" on the cover, suggesting a love for these delicate French pastries.A single Box of 6 Macarons by J'aime les Macarons with a light pink shell and cream filling, presented on a white background.
A jar full of You're The Best Lollies by Sweet Disorder with some pieces scattered around it against a white background.
A bottle of Tread Softly non-alcoholic rosé wine with a label, sealed with foil, against a pale background.
Rose Wine by Tread Softly Sale price$23.00