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back soonA Devonport Gnome art print by Glenn Jones hanging on a clean, white wall featuring a stylized cartoon character leaping between platforms against a sky-blue background, dotted with whimsical mushroom houses and playful local gnomes.A whimsical Devonport Gnome by Glenn Jones blowing bubbles while perched atop a mushroom house in a magical landscape, a product of New Zealand.
back soonA sleek white-framed piece of art from the Scenic Series, depicting Raglan by Glenn Jones, hangs elegantly on a light gray wall above a cozy corner of a white sofa, adorned.A stylized illustration of a serene Manu Bay landscape with rolling waves, a curving shoreline, and lush greenery under a sky adorned with fluffy clouds by Raglan by Glenn Jones.
Raglan by Glenn Jones Sale price$49.00
back soonA serene landscape painting from the Rangitoto by Glenn Jones Series, depicting abstract green hills and a soft blue sky with hints of Auckland's Rangitoto Island, hangs on a clean, white wall above.Stylized minimalist landscape art print from the Rangitoto by Glenn Jones Series featuring serene Rangitoto mountain reflections on tranquil Auckland water.
Rangitoto by Glenn Jones Sale price$49.00
A cozy living area featuring a modern gray sofa adorned with cushions, a round coffee table with a candle and a cup, all set on a textured rug, with a framed Glenn Jones Circle of Life poster.Life cycle of the common New Zealand chocolate fish: a whimsical illustration from juvenile to adult stages, including embryos, larva, and fry. This framed print by Glenn Jones is a charming product of Circle of Life by Glenn Jones.
A cozy living room corner featuring a modern Secret Hangar sofa by Glenn Jones adorned with matching cushions, paired with a round, marble-top coffee table on which rest a candle and a drinking cup, all set against a clean.Modern art meets industrial setting: a vibrant, abstract painting of a bird by Glenn Jones playfully interrupts the stark, geometric lines of a warehouse facade.
Mountain High abstract collage artwork by Louise Keen, a New Zealand artist, features vibrant colors and mixed materials, creating a dynamic and textured composition.
Mountain High Sale price$100.00
An artistic representation of a cross with intricate patterns and a flower at the center, set against a dark background with abstract golden lines. This original artwork is rendered as Recycle, a pen and ink drawing inspired by Louise Keen.
Recycle Sale price$100.00
Abstract geometric composition with interlacing lines and patterns against a dark background, featuring a central column adorned with intricate designs and a teardrop shape with text at the bottom, created by Louise Keen's Everydrop Counts.
Everydrop Counts Sale price$100.00
A vibrant and colorful mixed media collage featuring abstract floral shapes, various patterns, and dynamic forms, all creatively assembled on a blue textured background made of handmade paper, complete with a title and artist's signature by Louise Keen's Garden of Chocolate.
Garden of Chocolate Sale price$100.00
A colorful mixed media textile artwork featuring various patterns and textures with stitched lines, using reclaimed materials, and a three-dimensional flower accent on the surface by Louise Keen's Still Life Arrangements #4.
A vibrant and textured mixed media collage combining various fabric patterns, plant elements, and a small floral print perfume bottle on Hahnemühle fine art paper, creating a unique and eclectic Still Life Arrangements #9 by Louise Keen.
A vibrant and textured collage artwork crafted from reclaimed materials, depicting abstract Still Life Arrangements #1 with a mix of patterns and colors by Louise Keen.
A vibrant mixed-media artwork crafted from reclaimed materials, featuring an array of patterns and textures, with a central patchwork composition and intricate stitching, dated 2023 by an artist named Louise Keen.
An abstract mixed media artwork featuring a vase-like silhouette at the center, adorned with a textured, patterned surface on Hahnemühle fine art paper, surrounded by a vibrant collage of colors and Louise Keen's Still Life Arrangements #16.
A cozy and minimalist living room setup featuring the Heart of Grey Lynn couch by Glenn Jones with plush cushions, a circular marble-top coffee table with a candle on it, all placed on a soft, textured rug. The scene isColorful abstract representation of a classic urban streetscape with buildings and street signs in Grey Lynn, Heart of Grey Lynn by Glenn Jones.
A single, vibrant green Kiwi Feather by Glenn Jones, a product of New Zealand, framed and displayed on a clean white wall above a cozy white sofa adorned with a decorative pillow, accompanied by a stylish wall-mounted.Product of New Zealand: Kiwi Feather by Glenn Jones art print.
Modern art piece featuring Get a Pencil by Glenn Jones, an abstract, linear design in red against a white backdrop, elegantly framed and displayed on a clean, white wall above a cozy bed with plush pillows, illustrating the vibes of old.Old school cassette tapes with unraveled tape forming an abstract depiction of two figures dancing or interacting in whimsical motion, embodying the essence of NZ music, like "Get a Pencil" by Glenn Jones.
A minimalistic and stylish room with a clean white wall featuring a framed abstract artwork of a figure in motion, creating a sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere reminiscent of Glenn Jones's From Tip to Tip product flair.Artistic representation of two melting From Tip to Tip ice creams against a dark background, evoking a sense of summer heat or fleeting enjoyment in New Zealand by Glenn Jones.
A serene living space featuring a neatly organized vertical arrangement of seven Kiwi to Kiwi slices in a frame, adding a vibrant yet simplistic touch to the minimalist decor by Glenn Jones.Slice of time: a minimalist depiction of Kiwi to Kiwi by Glenn Jones in different stages of being sliced, showcasing the beauty of symmetry and natural patterns in fruit, capturing the essence of transformation.
A cozy living room setup with a modern gray sofa, Beer is Cold by Glenn Jones, decorated with matching pillows, a round marble-top coffee table with a candle and a tumbler on it, set on a textured gray rug.A bold, graphic sign with a retro vibe from Glenn Jones displaying the statement "yes the beer is cold" in black and red lettering on a gray background, suggesting the assurance of chilled beverages for Beer is Cold by Glenn Jones.
online onlySave 56%Bach Rules Sign
Bach Rules Outdoor Sign Sale price$20.00 Regular price$45.00
A serene Akaroa by Glenn Jones landscape painting framed elegantly on a clean white wall, adding a touch of tranquil nature to a modern and cozy living space.Serene Akaroa by Glenn Jones landscape - an idyllic and colorful portrayal of a tranquil river meandering through a green valley, with lush hills under a soft blue sky with floating white clouds.
Akaroa by Glenn Jones Sale price$49.00
back soonElegant interior with a framed poster above a cozy white sofa, featuring Local Yarn by Glenn Jones, adding a touch of charm to the New Zealand bach.A playful and artistic poster featuring a visual pun with the phrase "there's a Local Yarn on my Glenn Jones," showing a matchbox labeled "bach" with a piano keyboard design, held by a hand.
Local Yarn by Glenn Jones Sale price$49.00
A clean and minimalistic room featuring a framed poster of "What's Your Flavour? by Glenn Jones" with colorful illustrations hung on a plain white wall above a cozy white sofa with an ornate pillow. The poster highlights Glenn Jones.A colorful chart displaying "the favourite flavours of New Zealand Jelly Beans" with stylized illustrations of each jelly bean and their unique flavor names listed below, showcasing it as a proud What's Your Flavour? by Glenn Jones.
A serene Lake Taupo painting from Glenn Jones' Scenic Series in a white frame adorns a clean and modern living room wall, above a white couch with an elegantly patterned cushion.Serene Lake Taupo view with distant mountains and a simple wire fence on a clear day, part of Glenn Jones' Lake Taupo by Glenn Jones.
Lake Taupo by Glenn Jones Sale price$49.00
A serene landscape painting from the Wanaka by Glenn Jones series featuring the Wanaka Tree and a lake is elegantly framed and displayed on a clean, white wall above a cozy and inviting bed with plush pillows.A scenic series tranquil lake scene with reflections, featuring the solitary Wanaka by Glenn Jones Tree on the calm water's edge against a backdrop of mountains and a clear sky.
Wanaka by Glenn Jones Sale price$49.00
A tranquil landscape painting from Glenn Jones' Queenstown Series, featuring a serene Lake Earnslaw and mountains near Queenstown, hangs elegantly on a clean, white wall, adding a touch of calm.Picturesque lakeside serenity: a tranquil view of Glenn Jones's mountain lake with the Earnslaw in the distance and calm blue waters under a clear sky.
Queenstown by Glenn Jones Sale price$49.00