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A variety of gourmet Smallbatch Peanut Butter Gift Boxes from New Zealand in front of their brown packaging box, showcasing different textures like smooth, crunchy, and super butter.
back soonA jar of Smallbatch Chocolate Almond Butter, featuring the label "dairy free & gluten free" and "200g of nutty goodness.
back soonA jar of Chocolate Peanut Butter by Smallbatch churned with rich chocolate and high-oleic peanuts against a neutral background.
Honey Peanut Butter
A jar of Smallbatch Nut Butter - Super Butter placed against a white background, highlighting its natural ingredients like high-oleic peanuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, chia.
A jar of Chocolate Hazelnut Butter by Smallbatch, made in Mount Maunganui, highlighting its artisanal quality with a tagline "serious flavor," and indicating that it's dairy-free and gluten.
back soonA jar of Macadamia Butter by Smallbatch made in Mount Maunganui against a neutral background, highlighting its dairy-free and gluten-free qualities with a tagline that reads "200g of nutty.
A jar of Smallbatch Cashew Butter made in Mount Maunganui with a simple and clean label, touting "dairy free & gluten free" and "200g of nutty goodness.
A jar of Smallbatch Tuscan Streichcreme, the sunflower seed-based dip with Tuscan flavor and roasted red peppers, weighing 235 grams.
A jar of Nectarine & Ginger Chutney by Kitchen Window, handmade in Wanaka, New Zealand with Central Otago nectarines, is displayed against a plain background. The jar has a black lid and a white label featuring text and illustrations of herbs. It contains 250ml.
A jar of Apple & Date Chutney by Kitchen Window against a plain background. The label reads “Kitchen Window Central Otago Apple & Date Chutney. Fresh, Delicious, Beautiful Food. Handmade in Wanaka, New Zealand.” This award-winning preserve contains 250 ml of chutney.
A jar of Pear & Fig Chutney by Kitchen Window, an ideal cheese board accompaniment, featuring a white label with black text. Handmade in Wanaka, New Zealand, and a winner of the NZ Artisan Awards. The 250ml jar embodies the tagline "Fresh, Delicious, Beautiful Food.
A jar with a black lid containing "Apricot & Chilli Chutney by Kitchen Window" from Kitchen Window. The label is white with black text and says it's handmade in Wanaka, New Zealand, using Central Otago apricots, and contains 250 ml. The tangy chutney appears orange with visible chunks inside.
A jar of award-winning Boysenberry Jam by Kitchen Window with a black lid. The label reads "Central Otago," "Fresh, Delicious, Beautiful Food," and indicates it's handmade in Wanaka, New Zealand. The 200ml jar is filled with delightful Boysenberry jam.
A jar of Grapefruit Marmalade by Kitchen Window from Central Otago. The label reads, "Fresh, Delicious, Beautiful Food" and indicates it's handmade in Wanaka, New Zealand with quality ingredients. This NZ Artisan Awards entry contains 250ml of marmalade and has a black lid. Visit
A bottle of award-winning Plum Sauce by Kitchen Window made with Black Doris plums from New Zealand on a solid light background, showcasing the product label with the brand "Kitchen Window" and flavor text indicating its.
A bottle of Apricot Sauce by Kitchen Window made with Central Otago apricots from Kitchen Window brand against a clean, white background.
A bottle of Chilli Sauce by Tasteology with Australian grown chillies, ideal for BBQ meats, elegantly presented against a clean white background.
A wooden gift box containing a selection of Spread the Love gourmet small-batch spreads, including Spread the Love peanut butter and chocolate hazelnut butter.A jar of "Spread the Love" super butter by Smallbatch featuring a blend of nuts, seeds, and grains on a clean white background.
Spread the Love Sale price$38.00